Welcome to the XIX Annual Happy Training

With my great pleasure I am here traditionally to welcome you at the Hotel Albergo della Regina Isabella in lschia, the ideal place to live and enjoy dancing. 
You will learn new techniques and discover the true story of Dance. 

During the five unforgettable days of your stay, you will be able to enjoy an extraordinary variety of dancing activities. 

The Festival will also give you the unique opportunity to attend dance seminars held by the best top professionals and teachers in the world. 

Lessons, workshops, practice, show, Happy Chat... 

Happy Training has overtime become a special appointment, indispensable for many dance professionals and dance lovers. 

The European Super Star Championship Pro-Am and Champions Tour Senior has become an exciting and participatory competition over the years from many countries (Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, USA, Canada, Poland, England and Italy) where dancers love the unique style and atmosphere we are able to offer "STILE ITALIANO". 

The Awards in its various categories became over the years a very prized value and our OSCAR of the Dance a trophy to exhibit on its own board with pride. 

Only to mention our ambassadors HAPPY TRAINING AWARD and member of the WORLD DANCE AWARD committee are: Michael & Lorna Stylianos, Robin & Rita Short, Karl Bruer, Markus & Karen Hilton, Stanislav Popov, Svyatoslav Vlokh, Vincent Bulger. 

I wish you to become part of our big family "Happy Training - Global Dance Festival", the ideal place to enjoy your passion, La Danza. 

Jerry Abrate

Happy Training Event Venue: